Saturday, May 23, 2009

Standard and Poor's warning is for the Conservative party

Those of us who think the current economic crisis is being understated where perhaps cheared by Standard and Poor making their warning this week.

I find the breath taking dishonesty of Labour who try to portray enslaving us further into debt as "doing something" and saving us worthy of criminal charges.

However, the truth has to be that the warning was for the next government and its policies. And that most likely means a Conservative government.

How will our finances be put right ?

Its a hard question to answer as Labour are trying to create their selfish dividing lines for a general election that is now rumoured to perhaps only be a few months away.

But it will need answering very quickly after a new government tales office.

Update See Dominic Lawson today (Sunday 24th) on the same theme in The Times.

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