Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Draft John Bercow

The post of speaker requires an independent mind and respect and roots on both sides of the house.

John Bercow fits the bill on many fronts.

He'd be my choice, as for this office he is ideally suited.

H/T to Tory Bear who thinks that Mr Bercow may harbour ambitions in this direction based on sucking up to the lefties here in January ....

Update: Guido thinks not based on John Bercow's expense claim rate. His wife is known as a member of the Labour party, which is why Labour members may have more faith in him, as opposed to Guido thoughts on expenses.


Anonymous said...

The only MPs who should be considered for the Speaker vacancy, should be those who can demonstrate an absolutely clean record on their expense claims over the years they have been an MP. The new Speaker must have the utmost integrity and command the full respect from all fellow MPs in the House whatever their politics. They should also be a person of humility, calm, not self seeking, nor ambitious for personal power and gain and who won't have biased or unbalanced views, when topics are debated, they must be completely even handed. The MP who springs to mind who meets all of these qualities is Iain Duncan Smith who has claimed next to nothing in the last four years for second home or hotel expenses. He has the utmost integrity and of excellent good character and who is respected by all.

His detailed report on 'Breakdown Britain' proved the excellent work he is capable of and that he sincerely has the welfare of the nation at heart. He is in politics for what he can give not what he can take. (unlike so many others in the present Parliament who seem to be out from what they can get).

He is a man of humility with a clear speaking voice and also a good listener. He is the one who should be encouraged to stand and given full support across party lines from the whole House. He is the man to sort out this terrible mess and restore the publics confidence in Parliament and in the important office of Speaker of the House.

He even showed great composure and dignity when he was forced to stand down as opposition leader, despite the fact he was stabbed in the back by people, in his own party, who showed themselves to have no loyalty and no decency in the way they publicly undermined a very decent person. A lesser person would of crumbled and later been full of vengeful bitterness. But not IDS he just carried on in his calm dignified way even though he must of been hurting inside. In my book he is an honest professional. He is a man of true honour.,a very rare find indeed these days. If IDS doesn't want to stand there two other people who have many good qualities Anne Widdecombe or Frank Field. Anyone but John Bercow, it would be a disaster for the future of Parliament and democracy if he was offered the position.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - I have to agree with you on your description of IDS. There can be few examples in public life and a man worse treated by his party who has gone on to provide his best service after than event to his party and his country.

For that reason I wouldn't want to see him gagged by taking on the role of speaker.

John Bercow may lack some of those qualities, but he has an independent mind and some real talent.

In normal times the role of speaker is a political dead end. And I can see the advantage of parking John Bercow there.