Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strategic economics and economic warfare against the UK

My occasional holiday with old university friends and their families was good fun ( South Derbyshire may not strike you as an obvious holiday location, but there's plenty to do with your family and we all had as good a time as anywhere we've been. Man in a Shed even had a go on "Rita Queen of Speed" at Alton Towers - 0-100km/hr in 2.2 secs - the queuing up was a terrifying wait, but once it was over I wanted to go straight back again. )

But our conversations turn more to our children's education - despair now reigning of the state education system, one of my friends resigning as a school governor after the school refused to admit it had failed pupils in one year - despite the evidence being right in front o their faces.

And then to economics, or more specifically the chemical industry. Now I know the image of the chemical industry is bad, especially away from the areas that rely on it for employment. But remember the UK was a major player int he Chemical Industry a decade ago. We had our own multinational, ICI, although one that seemed hell bent on commercial suicide. We still have major Engineering contractors in this country, but much of our industry is falling into foreign hands, and some of those hands are arms of foreign states which wish to strip out that industry and move it to their own locations.

Now those state owned companies, who are building massive (and I mean massive) infrastructure in their own countries to produce the chemicals we used to make here are buying key infrastructure here. They are running it for a few years, and now they are closing it down.

That could be economic warfare rather than the free market. Its time people started to tell the difference before its too late and ask themselves how we should conduct trade with parties who have objectives other than profit in mind.

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wildgoose said...

In times past we had politicians who actually understood what was meant by the term "In The National Interest". Now we have government by woolly-minded 60s/70s radicals with starry-eyed internationalist ideals who are being robbed blind by governments who are happy to take a long term view of their nation's interests.