Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its time to bring the government down

Things are now passing beyond just party politics towards national humiliation and disaster.

It is quite clear than Gordon Brown's government is at best incompetent and at worse insane or deliberately working to bring the country to ruin.

Its time for the "Norway debate". The country just can't go on like this, certainly not for 14 more months.

The best way would be for a vote of no confidence and for some of the Labour MPs who perhaps love their country more than themselves and their careers to throw Brown out of office.

Perhaps David Cameron needs to do a deal with the likes of Charles Clarke for a government of national unity, supported by a patriotic minority of Labour MPs.

Reading Jeff Randall's latest article in the Telegraph you just know something must be done.

We can't wait 14 months, Brown has to go now.

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