Thursday, April 23, 2009

And what news of England ?

The budget has been spun, but the news is sinking in. The Scotsman Alistair Darling, with his Scottish boss sitting next to him was careful to mention in his speech that appropriate increases in spending would be made in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for the schemes he announced.

But will the cuts be in the same proportion as the Barnett formula demands?

Apparently the Red Book has a lost of efficiency savings by department ( most of them English departments ), so will corresponding decreases in the budgets to the devolved administrations be made?

I'm guessing they won't be made in full. Watch closely.

By the way happy St George's day - the Dragon of New Labour is on its knees - we now need to finish it off.

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Alfie said...

They will be cushioned more than ever, especially in their core stronghold of the Scottish central belt. They have to keep the Scots public sweet, otherwise, the SNP will start to bleat and moan...

Who knows, this may be just the extra elbow in the ribs that is needed to awaken the sleeping English beast, to cast off the yoke and to scream, "ENOUGH!"