Wednesday, March 04, 2009

There's little difference between the greedy bankers and the greedy government

Both groups ignored warning ( vilifying and sacking those who did) because the current moment and their personal positions outweighed the needs or concerns of the future.

Just look at Phil Woolas's attack on the ONS for releasing the information that 1 in 9 people living int he UK were born else where ( something achieved by the Labour party in government ). There will be a reckoning for this int he future - but Mr Woolas will be enjoying his fat public sector pension when it comes, so he doesn't care. Just as long as his personal career and snout stays attacked to the trough of public money for a bit longer.

Just as it was obvious that their was a debt bubble building ( and some of us did warn ) so its obvious that a demographic time bomb is now ticking under this country which if action isn't urgently taken will lead to the horrors of the Balkans re-enacted in England.

This isn't racist, its a responsible warning from someone who wants our country to be at peace with itself and all the people who live here to get along well. Just as they used to in Lebanon and Sarajevo.

In my view there is no difference between Fred the Shred and what he has done to RBS and Labour government ministers and what they have done to the cohesion and balance of our country.

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Anonymous said...

Did Phil Woolas really think that Labour would succeed with a policy of mass immigration without anyone noticeing. The man is a fool and a dangerous one at that!