Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Public sector snowed in - Private sector at work

Yesterday I took some time of work to walk into town to pick up a package from the central sorting Royal Mail Office. ( Interestingly they managed to deliver two other packages that day, by using the common sense "safe place", but this package was obviously in a different delivery ).

The pavements here in Woking are ice, as are many of the roads. However I made it in, passing a post man with his bicycle on the way.

What greeted me at the sorting office ? Closed because of weather. So I took a few photos to show how the people who don't get paid unless they work managed to function.
The Woking central sorting office is next to the Railway Station and in the middle of town. Most other businesses functioned. ( The photo's below are taken just across the road from the closed Royal Mail office).
Normally I have the highest respect for Royal Mail, especially Woking's excellent postmen/women. They do a good job with a high degree of accuracy almost all the time.

But yesterday Royal Mail let the side down.


MH Media Online said...

I noticed that the Woking Job Centre (Plus) closed early at 1pm yesterday due to "adverse weather conditions", much to the annoyance of several of the faithful job seekers who'd made a special effort to get there..

TriumphTigerUK said...

Woking Borough Council Civic offices were also shut (no announcement on their website) which was quite annoying as I'd trekked all the way in just to visit them.Grrrr.

Perhaps I should ask for a discount off my council tax :)