Thursday, February 26, 2009

DIY Global warming propaganda

1. Chose you process/factoid - something relating to Ice, or cuddly animals is best - eg Polar bears (only recommend cuddling when very small), seals, penguins, Ice melting rates etc.
2. Make an assumption about its rate/size/numbers - but make sure its a big one that you think any change from will be shocking.
3. Do some measurements / send a TV crew / idiot in a Kayak out to provide a small amount of real data.
4. Issue press release saying [enter your process/population here] shown to be vastly [lower/higher] than expect, meaning [global warming is true/we're all going to die/my research needs further funding/we should all live in tepees in Wales/ Socialism needs to be enforced to be green]


If you want to see how its done so journalists swallow it whole see the BBC brain washing children here and Telegraph here.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Good call.

There was an interesting program on the TV the other day about the Siberian Traps, which were volcanoes that heated up coal and oil and emitted loads of CO2. The program said that CO2 levels were twenty times as high as now and temperatures rose 5 degrees (they later rose another 5 degrees, but that had to do with other stuff).

This chap doesn't muck about with trivial things like facts and figures and reckons that we are committing climaticide.

Another quick google gives us this, which says "In all, the volcano may have belched as much as 100,000 gigatons of carbon into the air (all of humanity emits about eight gigatons of carbon annually)."

Fair play, the volcanoes took a quarter of a million years to do it, at this rate, it will take us only 125 centuries, assuming that plants don't reabsorb any of it, but isn't the oil supposed to run out in a century or two anyway?

So, am I bothered? Frankly, no.

Mark Wadsworth said...

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