Friday, February 13, 2009

Brown's little chat crushes Lloyds TSB share holders

There is a pattern emerging. All those who have an assets are systematically being mugged, taxed or have their assets stolen by inflation to support the unelected regime and career of Gordon Brown.

Today we discover the HBOS has losses of over £10 billion from last year. Can you remember Gordon Brown's little chat with the chairman of Llyods TSB who then rail roaded the merger through, whilst Gordon Brown made the exceptional changes to competition rules.

In short the Lloyds share holders were mugged.

PS Just heard Brown trying to communicate with ordinary people in R4 talking on the radio and with ex Woolies employees in the marginal constituency of Corby. He just lacks the common touch and could only either quote his usual tractor stats answers or say he doesn't understand and someone will get back to you. ( In the latter case a woman was asking why she had paid NI contributions for 25 years, when they won't pay her job seekers allowance because her husband works under Labour anti-marriage/broken families only welfare state. )

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