Friday, January 30, 2009

National snake oil plan (aka broadband )

So the narrative continues .....

Labour are trying to sound all "white heat of technology" like with a commitment to more broadband. A load of guff from Brown about Britain and communications industries ( yes it might have started off here , but its now all done over sears in the US and China. GEC Marconi were the last last here, and now they have gone). Replaced by, in the minds of Labour ministers, creative industries where the people Guardinista's meet at parties work.

Just like Labour's plan to provide online porn to less well of kids by getting the tax payer to fund their own kids and disadvantaged kids laptops, this is just guff.

Perhaps they are thinking of all those trenches that will have to be dug for fiber optic cable employing young jobless people ? I have news for them - in the road my mother lives on in Essex the road has been dug up for months. Why ? Because they can't get the employees - the young people they get take lots of time to get trained, but then find it too hard to be outside all day doing physical work - even though they are lucky to get that.

Who will dig the holes then, clearly the Poles and newly arriving soon Romanians and Bulgarians.

What was announced was more reviews, and more guff.

But then doing something was never the intention. Changing the headlines from Economic doom and gloom and trying to pretend there is something that government can do was.

Typical New Labour - reaching for the bottle of snake oil narrative again...

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