Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Help me out here- am I missing something ?

Apparently the Germans had a bit of trouble raising money on the markets in the last few days.

Most of us when we read this will be thinking not of underfunded gentlemen in Bavaria with Lederhosen, but crickey if no one will lend the German's money - who's going to lend Crash Gordon and his merry band the massive sums of cash he keeps claim to "do something" with ? ( Especially denominated in Stirling ).

What if the HM Treasury can't raise the money ?

( Hold that question for a while, as I move to an aspect of monetary policy )

The government certainly seems to be thinking of printing a lot of money - we are told to avoid deflation - after its finished destroying savers by reducing interest rates to negative real terms rates. In even has a smart name that means its okay and really very clever - quantitative easing or something like it.

Could the two things be linked ?

What of Darling knows he won't be able to raise the money on the markets. What he needs to do is make sure his spending is in Sterling and go a print a few warehouses full of notes.

Inflation will take care of the debt crisis by destroying savings held in Stirling (mostly Tory voters anyway ). We've had stealth taxation, now we have stealth confiscation of peoples assets.

You have to start wondering if this isn't the plan. In effect the government will remove the value of peoples savings etc and spend them on trying to get re-elected.

Or am I missing something here ?


marksany said...

As well as reducing savers' wealth, printing money will reduce the value of debt and allow house prices to rise again: hurrah!


P.S. why the apostrophe in "German's"

AntiCitizenOne said...

mark it also reduce the purchasing power of wages.

You'll be swapping your house for a bag of onions.

Man in a Shed said...

Marksany - no good reason for the apostrophe. Not even one I can invent after the event - its been removed.

marksany said...

ACO - Yeah, I know - I wasn't saying that was a good thing! The "hurrah" was sarcastic.

Rachel Joyce said...

"You'll be swapping your house for a bag of onions".

Too true. I've just posted about how in the Weimar republic, people left their wheelbarrows full of money outside - and thieves would leave the money but steal the wheelbarrow.

James Higham said...

We run out of money - we run out of money. they run out of money - print.