Monday, November 17, 2008

Will Brown's voter bribe just bounce of the economy to abroad ?

So here we go. Brown has been doing interviews with his usual linguistic bludgeoning using the assertion "it is right that" as often as he can ( and that's a lot).

We are spun that the money will go to those most likely to spend it, to give the "fiscal stimulus" needed to win Labour a snap election before it all goes pear shaped.

But what will the tax credits and winter fuel allowance be spent on ?

Or to put it another way what do we still do in this country that we want to spend money on.

My Christmas present purchasing list only has two Star Wars comic books on it that might have been printed in the UK. All the electronic games and hardware comes from abroad ( yes kids Dad is going to get you a Wii for Christmas - but I'm not going to let on as its been great to see you urgently getting on with your home work and generally being good to try and butter me up.)

I'm typing on a Japanese computer, powered by electricity probably from French nuclear reactors (EDF). I pushed to think of any none basic level purchases that I could wish to make that are manufactured in the UK. If I had the money I would save it, but if you forced me to spend it it would head overseas very quickly.

So is Brown about to make us all take out loans, to splurge cash to help the Chinese economy/ pay off bank loans ?

It looks likely to me. Which means it won't work.

And of course the ultimate irony is that its probably the Chinese who will be lending us the money to do it with in the first place.

This looks like another of those monumental Gordon Brown mistakes like Tax Credits and pumping money into the NHS before you've reformed it and allowing it to be mostly spend on salaries.

Unfortunately these is no way to stop him.

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Brian said...

Most of Broon's Bribe will be spent in Calais on cheap unUKtaxed booze and fags and the remainder remitted home.