Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Russia thinks Obama will be weak

The movement of short range missiles to the former German region of East Prussia - now called Kaliningrad - which the Soviet Union was granted as spoils of war - is a direct challenge to Obama.

The Russians think he may be very weak and are being directly provocative.

If the US now cancels its missile defence shield it will look like its doing so due to Russian pressure. This will make those on the Russian border very fearful that the US won't stand up for them.

It will also be followed by further 'provocation' or even military action against the Baltic states and or Poland.

We can never know - but I doubt Russia would have taken this action today if McCain had won last night.

Mr Obama has something to prove and many people in Eastern Europe will be a lot less happy than the left wing BBC and its pro-Obama cheer leaders at the prospect of his presidency.

Update: Obama is already wavering in support for the missile defence scheme. The Poles are desperate to tie him in ( remember they only became stongly in favour after Russia crushed Georgia ). The Russian bear may already ahve the measure of the law graduate.


Anonymous said...

Russian president canceled TWO speaches b4 our election to wait after the election not to influence it, they were going to say this today no matter who won

Man in a Shed said...

agree - no need to chose the day of the election result, and the only reason to hold it back is either:

1) To avoid an issue that would make McCain look tough.
2) To humiliate the Obama in front of his Eastern European allies,

I thinks it 2 - either way the Russians wanted Obama to win as they think he'll be easier to bully.

Letters From A Tory said...

I still think Obama is going to be a lot tougher than people realise.

Man in a Shed said...

He'll have to be.

I'm amazed at the high stakes challenge the Russians have thrown him straight away.