Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"it is even cheaper to take someone off the public payroll and pay them the dole"

The much maligned Mr Heffer has a point ( the quote is from his article in today's Telegraph ).

Of course the problem is that politics and economics are now pointing in different directions.

PS I know how brutal that quote sounds, but at some point we are going to have to cut back the state sector. I would suggest the vast army of coordinators, champion and advocates employed through the adverts in the Guardian by this government for social engineering are a good place to start.


Bill Quango MP said...

Dave should be drawing up the indefensible list now. Problem of course is many Tory councils will have as many or even more of the same useless mouths.
BBC must have hundreds of "correct regional pronunciation investigators" etc that could be pointed too.

Letters From A Tory said...

Don't forget about the redundancy payout that many public sector workers would be entitled to, which would tip the balance against sacking them in many cases.

Man in a Shed said...

It'll still be cheaper in the medium to long run.