Thursday, November 27, 2008

Every expat workers fear

What happened yesterday is every person who has to work abroad fear, that the request for British and American passport holders will be made.

I've worked in various parts of the world and often make a note of exits etc with just the sort of scenario that occurred yesterday in mind.

Yesterday we also learnt about the concern of people taking risky assignments (BBC Somalia) and feeling pressurised to do so. Well its not just the BBC that this happens with.

I have had to travel long distances to unfamiliar countries with the hope of being met at the airport by someone I've never met before. ( In more hazardous locations you have the name of the person meeting you, their mobile number and car registration number ).

Yet without a willingness to do this sort of thing and major, and still somehow successful, arm of British Engineering and its services could not function.

With the downturn recession approaching many people will take assignments out of fear of not being able to keep their jobs. These people need the best support that the FCO has to offer. ( I for one have always checked the FCO travel advice site before travelling on business trips and sometimes will out the local consol/embassy phoen number on my mobile before travelling. Indeed in Mumbai those enterprising India telecoms companies text it to you as you land at the airport ).

This is why I get somewhat annoyed with the banal statements of David Miliband on hostage taking etc.

In the case of yesterday in Mumbai it must also be remembered that the vast majority of the victims here we're ordinary people, including children. I am just giving a peronal perspective, of course our sympathy and prayers must go to all these people. The evil that has gained control of these terrorists should be know for what it is. This is not the work of God, but the devil.


James Higham said...

I've been in a similar position, MiaS and have always found the British consulates o/s most helpful and willing to assist.

2345 said...

British consulates are always extremely helpful.

N.B. Britain entered recession weeks ago - Mervyn King's statement being more reliable than 'in denial for self interest sake' Brown.

Simon Fawthrop said...

Quite. I've stayed in that Oberoi so it was even more poignant for me.