Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clear blue water at last

David Cameron has announced the break with shadowing Labour's economic plans.

The Conservative party is now going to oppose enslaving our children with debt piled on by worn out Labour politicians anxious top keep their public sector salaries and pensions.

The snap election borrowing bribe is now looking more difficult for Gordon Brown to pull off with impunity.

Indeed there are reports of a rift between the current Chancellor/Treasurey and Gordon Brown on this.

Politics is about to develop substance again ...

I am also starting to notice people losing their jobs in my locality. Again any tax bribe in peoples pay packets here will be hidden away like it has been grasped by a starving squirrel.

The Bust has finally come. The only question is how long Labour will leave the spending drunk Brown at the wheel.

Update: The Conservative poll lead is reported as at about 3% - given the bias in the electoral system that means Labour could win a general election. This means politics is about to get very lively indeed.


marksany said...

Well, it's a start. Shame it has taken the complete collapse of the global economy for Call Me Dave to become a tax cutter (and not much of one at that)

AloneMan said...

Delighted to see Cameron at long last starting to question the Labour spending commitments. To my mid though this is still some way short of preaching the virtues of sound money; to do that would mean spending cuts and a lot of guts (poetry !) and with an election potentially just round the corner I don't think he's going to do it.