Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some questions for Robert Peston

I'd put these on his blog - only for some reason my sign in on the BBC doesn't seem to work anymore, I wonder why that is ;-)

  1. Have you had any conversations with Labour party officials or politicians about your accusations against George Osborne ?
  2. Has either the Number 10 press office or people representing the Labour party phoned you to discuss this matter unsolicited ?
  3. Have you phoned the Labour party or the government to discuss this issue ?
  4. When in the last two weeks have you had contact with Peter Mandelson - please cite times, subjects of conversation, and any witnesses that can cooperate these conversations.
  5. Have you recorded any of the conversations above ?
  6. Is this not revenge for complaints made about you recently by Conservative politicians ?
  7. Why are you commenting on politics rather than business ?

Perhaps a journalist would like to follow up.

Update: Even better looks like the public has been. The BBC has been hit by a wave of complaints about political bias see here !


Anonymous said...

Balance at Pravda?

You are having laugh!

Anonymous said...

If you see him can you ask him about his membership of Common Purpose?

Man in a Shed said...

Is he really ? Do you have any evidence of that ? ( I'm interested if you do ... )

Norfolk Blogger said...

Too right, political bias has been rife for the alst three years since Cameron was elected Tory leader. He has merely had to break wind and it has been goven prominance by the BBC.

If Tories want to know about real bias in the media, try being a Lib Dem.

Man in a Shed said...

Norfolk blogger - perhaps we can both agree we don't like paying for all this !

I think Cameron may appear to have had a fair wind in the sense that the usual snipping and attacks from the BBC were switched of for him.

To some degree the BBC made him with that Newsnight program. I'll confess it was a major factor in changing they I voted in the leadership election.

However, I have to confess to being puzzled as to why anyone would be a Lib Dem ;-) .

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

If you're still interested

“Common Purpose has for years done brilliant work in forging valuable links between the private, public and voluntary sectors. And it has helped to make better citizens of individuals and institutions.”
Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor

Man in a Shed said...

They clearly have close links with the BBC based on the following here.

Extract below:

"Olwyn Hocking is Head of Regional and Local Programmes at the BBC and has put her directors and producers on Common Purpose's programmes. She explains why:

"We began to put BBC people through the programmes as soon as we came across Common Purpose, seeing the benefits both to the individuals and the BBC.