Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe Sarah Palin is the only one who understands America

There is an interesting article by Dr Melissa Clouthier about why the US political establishment rejects Sarah Palin.

The part of her post that was most interesting was the idea that most US Career politicians don't really understand the impact of their decisions on peoples lives, since they never live those lives. Melissa says they lack a feedback loop, which I believe is a profound criticism of the US and indeed out politician process.

It perhaps used to be that Democracy was that feedback loop. But now the politicians have studied us in fine detail, learn their trade from University onwards as they travel the political classes career path, and have focus groups to tell them how to decieve us that loop is broken.

So the need for people who have a large amount of their lives rooted in the world outside politics and government is now critical for our democracies.

Unfortunately the exact opposite is happening.

Obama looks to me to be a prime example of just the sort of politican who is going to do real and lasting damage to his country - just like the career politician Gordon Brown has done to ours. ( So I won't be agreeing with Iain Dale's support for Obama ).

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