Friday, October 03, 2008

It is just a valid to say political meddling with the police kept Sir Iain Blair in office

The Labour spin for this morning ( and you had better get ready for flurries of the stuff from the politics and nihilistically self obsessed Gordon Brown ) was that Boris had been a naughty boy in causing little Iain to cry and resign.

But its been clear for quite some time that he was not the man for the job. The real question is what kept him in office for so long, when any rational government would have moved him else where - without fuss and discretely - long ago.

The truth is that Sir Iain Blair was Labour's man. That's how he stayed in office so long - politics getting in the way of judgement by a party that puts its personal interests before the country's good - same old Labour.

Boris was just doing the job all those highly paid Labour minsters had taken the money for but failed to do over the last few years.

H/T to Guido for the picture.

Update: Just listened to a load of ignorant guff on any questions R4. Liam Byrne was the worse. Lets just get this straight - Boris didn't sack Blair, he explained his view of him. Blair resigned and the home sec accepted it ( even if she now regrets doing so. )

The politics here has all been on the left, who didn't want Boris to get any credit for a move that London will have loudly applauded. Its just goes to show how total cynical self intrested politics is back with the spin, lies evasion and diversion for which New Labour has rightly been despised throughout the land.

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