Saturday, October 04, 2008

First they nationalise the banks, now its small business

It is always worth looking for the tactical advantage Gordon Brown thinks he's buying with each announcement.

Today he's off to meet with a few of the EU's leaders ( the rest of the EU empire will no doubt be given the good news about what they're going to do when its convenient ).

Before heading of Brown claims he wants a £12billion fund for small businesses - followed by the usual guff about every key voter group his manipulating mind can conjure up.

Of course thankfully this probably won't get the nod, but lets think about what he's saying.

He wants the government to act as a lender ( or perhaps 'give' ) money to small businesses. Not that the banks have covered themselves in glory recently, but why is he going to do this any better than those who's profession this is ?

Will it be small business tax credits - thereby enslaving another section of the population and making the dependency that Labour so craves to create ?

Why not just cut the corporation rate for small businesses ( o0ps of course Gordon put this up last time, and he thinks he's never wrong ).

The odds on such a sum of money being used by the government well are close to zero.

PS Its time someone had a look at the group of Labour supporters Brown has drafted in to help with spin on this economic council.

I should also note than no sane UK prime minster would ever go to the EU suggesting the EU sets up a fund for small businesses. Why ? Because the UK is a massive net contributor to the EU ( thanks to one G Brown selling us down the river at Jacques Chirac's insistence surrendering our budget rebate for ... nothing ). A smart minister - who represented his country would do this just for his country. But then it was all about buying 5 mins of the news for Brown and after all its not his money he's blowing is it !

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