Wednesday, October 08, 2008

England - Saving Scotland's banks and delaying independence

It is perhaps interesting to note what has happened and how it may impact politics.

The two remaining major independent banks in Scotland, HBOS and RBS, have been saved from ruin, mostly by the English tax payers, their children, their chidlrens children and their pensions.

I personally wonder if HBOS will need to be taken over by Lloyds TSB now these credit guarantees and sources of capital are in place.

There are now two candidates to buy HBOS - Lloyds TSB and the UK Govt ( ie mostly the English Govt ). I wonder how long it will take for that penny to drop. Once it does the pressure for the socialist government to buy with English tax payers money will become very high. Is there a by-election coming soon ? Surely not ....

But what this also does is blow a hole below the water line in the SNP's campaign for independence.

Lets be clear - if Scotland was independent now its choices would be a stark as Iceland's, ie who to sell your country to. ( The Icelandics look like going for the Russians ).

At the same time oil heads below $100/bbl and production from the North Sea continues its sharp decline.

There will also have been a body blow to confidence North of the Boarder.

All it takes is Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to bring home a bucket load of English pork, which would very obviously not be available for an independent in the EU Scotland.

Oddly enough I suspect this will play well for the Unionist parties, and a future Conservative governemnt will reduce the pressure for political representation in England.

So will the Union be saved ? Ultimately I doubt it as by removing the external pressures our short term self intrested politicians have been prevented from coming to a positive vision of a future fair UK based on equality between nations, and that means at the next crisis the Union may break.

PS I now wonder if Labour won't win the Glenrothes by-election. If something on HBOS was pulled out of the hat - perhaps they will. English tax payers should weep...

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and I think Richard Thomson of the SNP is going to take another view...

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