Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Borrow and spend = Tax your children and spend

Labour used to be famous for "Tax and Spend".

That was the clear mission of the Labour party Gordon Brown has devoted his life to.

But it had a problem, after the disaster of the 1970's ( which mos tof the pain of the 80's was about paying for - not that you'd ever pick that up from the BBC's many left wing commentators ) the public has had enough of taxation on promises of government spending.

So Gordon took up the PFI initiative that the Conservatives under John Major has started and used it to run up an in effect secret credit card on the countries debt.

At the same time he made structural changes to the UK economy - increasing the burden of the state, whilst raiding peoples pensions to pay for it ( only private pensions of course - the left wing public workers all got fantastic pay rises and great benefits with gold plated pensions - or at least the Guardian reading ones did - the Mirror reading underclass may not have faired so well ).

Now to cling to office he needs to keep the money rolling. He's already robbed our future retirements so now its tiome to steal from our children by borrowing and spendinging.

It will have to be paid for - but of course the great wonder for Labour is not under their time in office.

I wish the Conservative party would come out and take them on on this directly. Like Guido today I think they're lacking a macro message right now, something needs to be done. Not quick and flawed thinking, but turning to those people in our party and movement who saw this coming and have answers.


Anonymous said...

I have something to lend Gordon Brown, what do you have?

Man in a Shed said...

I think its time to consider the possibility that Brown is deliberately crashing the capitalist economy to ensure that the state becomes supreme and socialism is irreversible.

IE that they aren't just lying but carrying out treason.

It may seem unlikely but the alternative is just their vanity and selfishness.