Wednesday, October 29, 2008

After 11 years Labour is still just playing politics

Its easy to become numbed to the many and varied ways that the New Labour project has destroyed the sense of duty to country.

Previously impartial civil servants have become cheerleaders of New Labour. Those who put loyalty to their New Labour masters before the country get promoted. Departments that provide embarrassing (for the Labour party) information, like the DIS, are cut back and sent to the suburbs to punish them ( even though in doing so the country is the main victim ).

Now Labour is mostly campaigning again, rather than governing ( see the long list of pententially unpopular decisions they've dropped over the last few weeks - to save themsleves rather than serve the good of the country as they see it ).

What matters is the narriative - conning the voters. The results of their actions can be defferred - as the great debt fuelled spurge of public spenidng has shown.

The likes of Gordon Brown care more about colouring the message and adding spin, than being straight with voters.

Yet all this has depended on a ready supply of future taxation in terms of credit. Its a never never strategy that rewards those who are irresponsible ( New Labour ministers ) and the expense of our futures.

How long can the con go on ? In electroal terms, with the return of Alisatair Campbell and Lord Mandymort perhaps indefinately. Just as some banks appaeared to make large amounts of money by running risks those in the know chose to ignore and hide. But in the end the piper must be paid.

The markets are starting to question if the UK deserves its credit rating. The pound is dropping like a stone. Soon it may not be possible to borrow on the scale and terms that keeping the careers of Gordon Brown and his hangers on in office seems to require. ( In Iceland interest rates have had to go to 18% to get foriegn money back. )

Today we have Alistair Darling hinting ( as they always do - different things to different people ) that spending will be cut and taxes raises after the election. Because if he doesn't say this then the markets will stop the supply of relatively cheap credit that his career and that of Gordon Brown depend upon.

Brown, as ever obsessed with what the Tories are saying, is trying to counter the political message on debt. First with the straight outrageous lies on its true level, and now more subtly that something will be done about it int he future. Because after all since it rose int he good times, Labour are clearly incapable of paying such debt back, except when they were following Conservtaive plans in their early years (which was mostly about spin and getting their feet under ministerial desks ).

Finally they are starting to run out of wriggle room. Decieving the elctroate and telling straight lies has kept them in office, but the supply of credit is running out. The tradegy is that we will all be left, like the people of Iceland, to pay for the mistakes of a few vain glorious men.

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