Monday, September 29, 2008

Who is/are the creditor/s ?

Something has been bothering me for a while, and I've mentioned it in other posts but I'll have a go at stating it again.

Exactly were is all the credit that we have got into so much debt from originated ?

I heard Alistair Darling on an interview talk about inflows of foreign capital a while ago. We seem to have record low savings and high debt - which implies the money that has been lent out came from elsewhere.

We are told there is a problem about banks lending to each other - but they are in part constrained by their deposits. Suddenly there is no money to lend out - that kind of suggests the banks deposits have gone down or that no one is buying the sliced and diced mortgage debt any more.

My guess is its not deposits that are to blame. So who has left the market ?

And who is going to be buy our national debt that is going to have to massively expand to finance Gordon Brown electoral image ?

Might these two groups of creditors be the same ?

Happy to be disabused of my naive financial assumptions - but I have the nagging feeling that what's really going on is being kept quiet.

Further: EU Referendum is wondering if this is right - on a similar topic, but different take.

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itwillcometome said...

The video linked to at the bottom of you post (EU Referendum) is 'no longer available'.

Very curious.