Friday, September 12, 2008

CERN by cartoon

The physicists are very pleased with themselves right now, or at least they are smart enough to know to pretend to be - if they ever want us to stomp up for more high tech mega cost toys.

Man in a Shed is regular reader of the "PhD - Piled Higher and Deeper" cartoon series by Jorge Cham. If you've ever been involved in post-grad research in a science or engineering subject then you'll recognise the situations - much as if you've ever worked you'll understand Dilbert. ( When I went back to University I tried to show Dilbert cartoons to some of the other PostGrads - they had no idea of why they were funny, but I bet they do now they've been employed.)

Anyway the LHC at CERN has been in the news this week and PhD has cartoons on the subject. Just like Google's attempt to set the scene for its Chrome browser with cartoons I think they're worth a look. Start here ( only 3 of the 5 have been published so far ).

PS Here's a thought:
Q: Why haven't we found intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe ?
A: Because every intelligent civilisation eventually builds a LHC and disappears into a b........

For another view on what the LHC is really for see Theo Sparke - if your fire wall will let you.(Hat tip to The Daily Referendum bus tour ).


The Daily Pundit said...

Have you checked out Galaxy Zoo yet?

Man in a Shed said...

I read about it.

Mind you its not like I don't spend enough non-earning time blogging is it ?

The Daily Pundit said...

It's all a bit over my head but fascinating nonetheless.