Thursday, July 10, 2008

Turnout could be good for Haltemprice and Howden

The game of framing expectations is an old election night spin exercise, plaid by those associated with the BBC on numerous occasions.

However they are (or were) reporting a estimated turnout of 35%, when many expectations were for 20%. (70% is reported in the general election, but local elections and the such often have far lower turnouts, and the lack of an obvious competitive elements - despite the 25 candidates - will have depressed turnout).

One thing you can be sure of - whatever the result Labour will dismiss it. They're no longer into elections....

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John M Ward said...

The turnout, though nominally "low", was almost double what some pundits had expected, and higher than some other by-elections in which candidates from all three main parties stood.

For just one major candidate and 24 "nobodies" to generate a 34% turnout, especially in the summer holiday period (and with the student voters absent as well) is actually a remarkable achievement -- though you are unlikely to read that fact in the Guardian, Mirror or on the BBC.