Friday, July 04, 2008

Terminal one

A number of years ago I used to pass through terminal 1 at Heathrow on a regular basis. It was packed, sometimes too much so, but it also buzzed.

I'm sitting in Costa Coffee in the domestic departures zone right now and the place is half dead now BA have mostly moved out.

Its really rather sad. The twins of BA and British Midland used to fight it out here. BA brought colour, now its like BA got married to the exciting T5, and BM has returned from the wedding to contemplate the empty house and the purchase of a few cats for her spinster autumn years. The place is just so empty.

PS Will someone tell BM that their chosen colours are just depressing - and don't start me on the EU flag on their aircraft. Hold one there was one with a mostly white colour livery, at least that's a bit better.

BMI's Colour scheme: The real reason they take sharp objects off you at airport security.

Now all I have to do is nurse this coffee for about an hour.

Still I find airports good places to think - especially if I get another Americano.Just a bit better.

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