Thursday, July 24, 2008

Franborough - some planes with a Sony Ericsson K800i

I equipped myself with a new (to me as I know the Sony Ericsson K800i is a bit long in the tooth) camera phone at the weekend. I went into the O2 store to look at iPhone's which continue to impress, but for the 16MB version and the £30/month contract the cost was in the £700 mark. The near top of the range laptop I'm typing on now cost less than that !

Anyway the results are below - and a bit mixed. The software zoom is fairly hopeless, as is my targeting when using it. Video was a disappointment. But the pictures were OK. Since it had one less zero than the iPhone and the Opera Mini browser downloaded is a revelation I can hardly complain.

These are just a random selection of scenes. May favourite is the F18 and its pilot trying to explain ( yet again by the look on his face ) why there aren't any F14's anymore like on Top Gun.

Also take a look at the real future, the unmanned aircraft, mostly from the Americans , but BAe would like you to spend your tax dollar on them too. ( The Israelies UAV company was displaying inside, they are at the front of this field ).

Russian heads up display.
Russian design is inovative as ever, note the pusher tail rotar
The Engine configuration for the JSV VSTOL engine
I assume this was a mock up - ready for Franborough in 2 years time ? I doubt it.
The A380 taxis to the end of the runway.

The Photos don't do justice to the display of the A380, that for a jet of that size was quite frankly amazing.

Bell/Agusta BA-609 Tilt Rotor, Note the frame rate of the camera is clearly in time with the rotar blades - they were going round far faster than it appears.

The old F16 - still looks good after all these years. ( The Helen Mirren of fighter s ? )"Do you know Tom Cruise ?", "Where's the F14" - questions beloved of F18 drivers.

The restored Vulcan. Still made the largest roar of the show ( close run thing with the Typhoon )

BAe mock-up of their mantis UAV

The US Navy has a carrier born UAV stealth fighter in mind.
And unmanned helicopters

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