Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Down on Weds

Today's been a muggy, half awake sort of day. I've been feeling a little depressed - having watched City Slickers on ITV2 last night - the disneyesq mid-life crisis movie ( another Birthday weighed in recently ). Poor sleep last night - both kids vying to get old Dad's space in his bed before I could get there.

The news about the backtracking on English democracy by my Conservative party has also really depressed me, especially as I believe this mistake will make the dismemberment of the UK almost inevitable.

Work no better today. The venture is going slowly - code is taking longer to write and its not the inspiring stuff right now. Its all too easy to nip over and check Conservative home - email - Guido-Iain Dale and more blogs etc etc. Have I ruined my career ? ( see City Slickers - there's a theme building here ).

And to cap it all I couldn't get the Chinook style toy helicopter (Birthday present from the kids) to fly properly - planned coffee break you understand. It did well for the first few flights but a really bad crash must have messed up its settings.

But hold on a minute .... I tried some modifications to the helicopter, having figured out which forces were making it unstable. Most didn't work and the last one lead to the loss of the forward stabiliser for beginners. So I descide to take a stronger hand to it and force one of the rotars a bit, the kill or cure approach.

And you know what ? It works great. The Sun has just started shinning and the fog in my head has just lifted.

Funny the way things work eh ? As they said in City Slickers there's nothing like bringing a herd home - we'll the equivalent for an Engineer is fixing something - using first principles. Who knows even the software venture might work ...

PS Not sure I can get in flying inside the shed yet, but maybe in a day or so ...


Elby the Beserk said...

"It did well for the first few flights but a really bad crash "

Errmmm ... that's what real Chinooks do, by the way; clearly a very accurate model

Man in a Shed said...

Oddly they behave like an angry wasp when they hit something - shooting across the room - since its the rotars that have contact with objects first - before colliding with something else.

Its still an amazing toy. Give them a few years and they'll have autopilot and you'll fly them from your iPhone.

How long can it be before Fathers4Justice gets its own airforce.

More draconian legislation on its way no doubt.

Brian said...

It looks more like a CH-46, the smaller, older brother of the Chinook. Now, CH-46s have plenty of accidents; so many that the USMC want to replace them with Boeing Ospreys. Whatever happens Boeing wins.

Man in a Shed said...

I know they were banned from the North Sea after a particularly gruesome accident.

Still - the model's a lot of fun, until I break it !