Sunday, June 15, 2008

National Shed week coming soon !

And the opportunity to vote for Shed of the year is available here. ( I haven't entered so no conflict of interest here ).

In short every man wants a shed, even if he doesn't know it. Being married with kids helps you realise the wisdom of such a facility.

Also National Shed week is on the horizon - 7th July ! Ok this has some elements of marketing technique about it, but you wanted one anyway !

To the purveyors of Sheds can I suggest you best strategy is to get the likes of "Good Housekeeping" to run an article explaining how much marriages are better and women happier when their husband owns a shed. I often check the contents page of Good House Keeping to discover what I'm going to be facing over the next month or so - and I bet I'm not the only man who does it.

Or transpose to some sort of "its his Cave" in the men are from Mars, women are from Venus type of thing.

How about the slogans "I wish my man had a shed", or "real men have sheds" ?

The small print on the shed competition:

) Go to the

2) Take a good long browse through the various categories which this
year are: Normal Shed, Bike Shed, Garden Office, Cabin, Workshop,
Garage, Unique, Summerhouse, Pub Shed, Studio, Tardis, Hut/Beach Hut,
Wooden, Concrete, Other, Weird

3) Vote for whichever sheds take your fancy in as many categories as
you like, and vote for as many sheds as you want.

4) Make sure you vote before July 4

The winners in each category then go forward to be debated by the
international panel of judges who then decide on the overall winner.
For more details, go to


wildgoose said...

Or in my case it's my "study", which is usually described as being like a "teenager's bedroom".

Guilty as charged...

John M Ward said...

The shed here used to be the previous occupants' younger daughter's study, complete with computer, chair, heating and (usually) one or another of their four cats.

Since I moved in, it has reverted to the normal function of a garden shed, so wouldn't be worth entering in this event.

I am, though, reminded of Monty Python's "Two Sheds Jackson", who was just plain greedy...

old and angry said...

I've had my shed for 25 years,
Just finished it's yearly spruce up!
I have had to lay a paver surround, 2 pavers wide all the way round.
The local badgers have expressed interest in it lately,but they won't beat me!