Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Late abortion is murder - its in the procedure

You might think that Man in a Shed is a rabid anti-abortionist, well that wasn't true - at least not till a few weeks ago. But the facts of late 'terminations' have made me reconsider.

I saw a model of a baby at 24 weeks on TV and said to my wife I had no idea they were so large. I have also seen pictures of the results of a late abortion. Frankly the picture Cranmer put up of a whole dead aborted child are less harrowing - in stills.

In real life the staff who watch these young babies born and struggle for life in bed pans are scared for life. Many would go off sick, other have became MPs and now campaign for a change in the law.

The procedure for late abortions now involves killing ( tacking life from something that is potentially viable = murder in my opinion ) the baby in the womb, so that the staff are not upset by the evidence of what they have done.

The truth of the matter is that support for this late abortion is strongest amonsgt Labour and Lib Dem MPs. I trust that those who find this sort of practice evil will note the MPs who vote for it. I will be having a look at the voting record to see who they are.

    On a connected note I had an unexpected letter from a old friend last Friday telling me about the birth of his son, who has Downs. The time they have spent in hospital and the adjustment they have made. Their son is very lucky as they are committed loving parents.

    Other friends adopted a Down's girl, and she is a joy. She was on TV recently on that programme about a special B&B/Hotel house that provides training and work experience in the hospitality trade for such people.

    My own son has been placed on the autistic spectrum (not detectable in the womb - lets be grateful for that). Whilst we felt a sense of loss for our expectations and dreams when we were told of his diagnosis, in its place has come a new set of joy. Sometime I wonder about his diagnosis, but then he does things which make it so obvious. But he is also a lot of fun, and he is who he is, irreplaceable.

    My Grandmother was married in a 'shot gun' wedding - due to a less than 9months time table in front of her. ( Black and White photos so you don't notice the yellow wedding dress ). If abortion had been around as widely available contraception, and she had used it, then you wouldn't be troubled by my post today, as she was carrying my mother.

    Each one of these cases could have been a life style abortion and changed human history forever.

The left has always been closely associated with eugenics (HG Wells for example) and the effects of National Socialism, Mao's Communism, Soviet brutality, the Khmer Rouge. These groups lack respect for human life or fear of God. Characteristics they will share with those who will vote for the continuation of legalised execution of children between 20 and 24 weeks gestation.

Note: These are strong views, and I know that they are not shared by everyone, but I think this is an issue where you should not pull your punches in outlining your argument.

Update: Looks like the legalised murder of babies between 20-24 weeks is to continue, based on the votes in the commons - to our collective shame. Not sure if 22 weeks is still to be decided.

Yes that's confirmed all the changes were defeated. I watched nearly euphoric representatives of the pro-abortion lobby on TV last night (News 24). I have also heard a repeat of the suggestion that Labour really ran a whipping operation to ensure that the execution of children between 20 and 24 weeks remains legal. ( As ever Labour operate by stealth - fearing being judged for what they actually do. )

I look forward to the Catholic Church instructing their members not to vote for the MPs who supported the medical murder of young children in the womb. An analysis of the voting record will be forth coming.


Peter O said...

Well said (especially the last sentence).

Letters From A Tory said...

A lot of the talk over the last few weeks has been arguments about the survival rate at 20-24 weeks, but as you rightly pointed out it does go a long way beyond that.

Praguetory said...

I have to congratulate Nadine Dorries on bringing this to public attention. Not for the first time, I feel like we, the public, haven't been trusted with the facts in the past.

Man in a Shed said...

I find the joy of the pro-abortion lobby on Tv etc the most ghoulish of the whole exercise. In true Labour fashion they try to establish facts from spin ( on 24 week viability for example ).

Do these people think they will never be judged for what they have done ?

wildgoose said...

Well said.

It appears I share with you in having a child with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder - my son has Asperger's Syndrome. Not severe I am glad to say, and because he has full intellectual capacity he should be able to learn to mimic the social skills that are automatic and instinctive to everybody else.

Most of Europe has a limit of 12 weeks. Just for once I would be in favour of some European Harmonisation, but of course in this case it is never suggested.