Friday, May 16, 2008

Essex prepares ....

Busy day today, so I refer you to Jeff Randall in today's Telegraph for an analysis of the news soon to be delivered from Essex man.

As I pointed out earlier in some parts of Essex Labour is being pushed into 4th place behind the English Dems and Lib Dems - with the Conservative vote heading in by the ton.

Essex is the home of the can do attitude in this country. When I brought my then fiancée (now wife) down from Scotland I tried pointing out to her how every house was different on the streets as we approached my old home in Rayleigh. Why ? Because everyone had put their mark on their house - extensions, drives, you name it people did it. The results may look a little chaotic, but they display a strong streak of individual self reliance and personal pride.

Well Essex man is now smelling bullshit - and its coming from No10 - expect an appropriate and forthright response.

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Dan Saffend said...

The engine room of the country is Essex.

Great people, lots of grafters.

Rayleigh? Know it well, lovely. Full of ex-Londoners who are pissed off with the way the gummint has allowed the capital to become a multi-culti hell-hole.