Friday, April 18, 2008

The BBC censors the murder of Christians - why ?

What the BBC reported:

    Two Britons murdered in Somalia

    Two British nationals have been killed by Islamist fighters in a town near the Ethiopian border in central Somalia.

    The bodies of 70-year-old Birmingham man Daud Hassan Ali, and a 32-year-old UK woman, both thought to be of Somali origin, were found in Beledweyne.

    The bodies of two Kenyan teachers were also found at the scene. British officials in Kenya are investigating.

    The Islamists reportedly raided an English language school after taking control of the town on Sunday.

What also happened ( see if you can spot the details the BBC thought you shouldn't know ):

    Four Christian teachers murdered in Somalia

    Four Christian teachers, two of them converts from Islam, were murdered by Islamic militants last Sunday, 13 April, in Beledweyne in south-central Somalia.

    Mr Daud Assan Ali (aged 64), Ms Rehana Ahmed (aged 32), both of Somali origin, and two Kenyans were shot and killed when militants stormed the school where the Christians were sleeping.

    Both Mr Ali and Ms Ahmed lived in the UK and were converts from Islam to Christianity. Mr Ali returned to his home town in 2004 to realise his life-long dream of establishing a school. The Hiran community education project Private English School was only completed one month ago. In his blog for supporters of the school, Mr Ali expressed concern about night-time raids by militant fighters in his last posting on 30 March.

    A spokesman for the Islamist group responsible for the attack on the town claimed that the killings were not premeditated, but that the four teachers had been caugh t in cross fire. However, several residents of Beledweyne are convinced that Mr Ali and his colleagues were singled out because they were Christians and the Islamists feared that they were teaching their pupils about Christianity. Mr Ali’s wife also said in an interview that her husband had been targeted because he was a convert from Islam to Christianity.

    There are a tiny number of Somali converts to Christianity living in Somalia, many of whom have been murdered in recent years by Islamic radicals, who have vowed to wipe out all Somali Christians. Recent fighting between Somali Islamic militias and Ethiopia has heightened anti-Christian feelings, as there is a long history of conflict between Somalis, who historically have all been Muslims, and Ethiopians, who historically have been majority Christian.

However - today the BBC cites Christianity and the conversion from Islam as being a potential motive in this case in a different article on those who convert from Islam to Christianity here.

The article includes the following:
    Last week, British teacher Daud Hassan Ali, 64, was shot dead in Somalia. His widow, Margaret Ali, said her husband was targeted by Islamists who "believe it is ok to kill any man who was born into Islam and left the faith".

I will give credit to the BBC for putting a link to this article by Shiraz Maher (who is a man of sufficient integrity to follow where the evidence in front of him leads, not where he has decided already to go) on its from page, although in the magazine section today. We need to discuss and understand the world and religious faith as it is - not as certain media outlets censor it for us. Incidentally Maher has some inportant points of the interpretation of Islam, and also the attitude of many muslims in the UK which he believes to be misinformed.

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