Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So what's this about Bob Spink MP ?

Just reading Nadine's blog and I must say I had the same idea - UKIP or the English Democrats could pick up their first MP. I guess this will probably let Labour through the middle at the general election.

Still Dr Spink has an impressive record of achievement in life, and the tone and content of the reason he gives for reigning (or being sacked - do we care ? ) is very serious. I hope the party doesn't make the mistake of covering up - but sends someone in to sort this mess out. And any accusations of criminal activity should be passed onto the police immediately.

This looks like an avoidable balls up - someone in the whips office should be for the high jump. [ Update - it appears I may have been too hasty as there are reason to believe that Spink was trying to strong arm the party into coming to his aid in a reselection battle in which he has brought partly on himself by his behaviour. So my apologies to the whips office - not that they mind what I say. ]


Update: Guido is getting some of the answers here ....

Iain Dale is less sympathetic, however Luke Akehurst - whilst disliking Dr Spink's policies is willing to defend his integrity - despite, or perhaps because, of being his Labour opposite number once fighting the seat.

I just find it sad that a man who is so clearly self made, has worked hard in his life having made real achievements outside politics should be brought to this position. Surely he is the sort of person who the party needs.

Further update: As is mentioned in comments below and on Conservative home there is more to this story than meet the eye, with disgraceful behaviour part of the story. Apparently central office have investigate previously and decided to let things take their course.

Further information is emerging : The Daily Telegraph has an article here - it appears the so called affair was not with a married woman but with the 'long time partner' of the deputy chairman of the association. Not quite sure where that goes in terms of modern morals - but its not adultery.

It seems that Gail Boland, the woman named in the telegraph article has just been ambushed to stop her standing again as a Conservative councillor - or to have just failed to fill in some forms right (who knows ? ). See this Evening Echo article here . She is promising to stand as an independent.

All is not well in Castle Point.

Update: It seems that Bob Spink has joined UKIP but will not stand down for a bye-election.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't defend the integrity of someone who slept with the wife of his constituency's deputy chairman.

Man in a Shed said...

A valid point ! ( I think Guido was hinting at something similar. )

Its going to be a nasty mess then with lots of details in the papers.