Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fruitcakes on fruit juice

The most pointless party in UK politics is trying to grab a few headlines today, after fluffing its only chance to make a difference to the UK since the Lib-Lab pact of the 1970's.

In there time honour fashion of pointless gestures and facked moral outrage next to road crossings/parking meters/sub-post-offices etc etc they want to trump the Conservative idea of taxing alco-pop with reducing VAT on fruit juice.

You idiots !

It will have no impact, except to remind people what a bunch of opportunistic band wagon jumping pointless ( as recently proved) careerists you are.

And of course the answer is to buy a single shot of vodka and the pour it into your fruit juice. Not that it will be cheaper as the drinks industry mark up on non-alcoholic drinks is massive anyway.

They would much rather sell carbonated tap water with flavouring than beer. The advantage of the alcoholic drinks is that they get the punters used to the high prices - which are then charge on the soft ones.

Muppets !

Its an idea that has zero chance of success and is as pointless as electing a Lib Dem MP on the false hope they will honour their manifesto promises.

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