Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darling - your barred

Reactionary snob is taking Alistair Darlings attempts to raise tax, by driving us all to drink then taxing us for it , rather to heart. He's seen his way for revenge with a pub in Leith that have barred Darling.

The suggestion is that you ask you local pub to bar him ( we need a poster someone - preferably in pdf ).

Man in a Shed is happy to recommend this as his two favourite vices - beer and single malt whisky - have just become more expensive and he will be troubled by the idea of funding the bloated state sector whilst trying to relax at the end of a long hard day.

Pass on the idea if you approve !

Update: This is now getting up a head of steam. I heard it on Radio 5 this mornign and Guido has posted on it. Guido has a link to the Devil's A4 poster download suitable for pub windows


Anonymous said...

I note that Cameron drinks in all the right pubs these days!

Jim said...

Why just Alistair Darling? If every pub barring Darling had posters barring local Labour politucians as well it would certainly put the pressure on Darling from them as they get criticised locally for supporting this.

Believe me. There's one thing that will make politicians put pressure on their bosses. It's local criticism of themselves and the threat of losing their seats.