Monday, March 17, 2008

Armed forces day ? Doesn't sound very British does it ....

Armed forces day ? Maybe in some South American military dictatorship or socialist peoples paradise, but surely not the people of the UK.

What the campaign being run by various people, including the Telegraph, is really doing is having a day to support government policy of pre-emptive wars.

In effect the government is using the military uniforms we have heard so much about wearing as a type of human shield. That's not British, and its certainly not decent. ( Not that the current government could recognise decency if it saw it.)

My father spend many of his best years in the RAF. I grew up in the Army cadets. I have no problem with the uniform or the people. I admire and support the volunteers who give us all the freedom and safety we enjoy.

But Armed forces day is militarism, and it is also attempting to place current policy and its execution above criticism. We will regret the day that we replace Remembrance day with the sort of blind jingoistic nationalism that armed forces day would represent, just because Gordon Brown has a problem with being a Scottish MP acting as England's First Minister as well as PM of the UK and having supported Blair's deception of the people over the war in Iraq.

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