Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had a weird dream last night with the bed shacked and a rumble noise. I thought it was odd and unusual, but as a parent used to interrupted sleep I adopted my usual tactic on being woken up - falling back asleep again. ( I find the more you respond to events - the harder it is to sleep again afterwards).

Now this morning I heard about the Lincolnshire earth quake. Did anyone else in Surrey notice any tremors ?

There is some evidence of small brick fragments on my lower roof - which would be consistent, but don't really prove anything.

I've been in an earthquake before in Almaty - Kazakhstan. I was trying to sleep of a long journey and thought a large train was going by close to the hotel until I noticed the shaking. Thoughts of whether to try to run out of my room occurred - but since the Mongolian wrestling team was on the same corridor I didn't really want to be locked out of my room in just my pyjamas for a false alarm, and so again just stayed in bed. Later I learnt there had been a major quake in neighbouring China where a number of people had lost their lives. ( Almaty is very close to China - too close for the Kazakh government who has moved their capital to Astana - removing Russian influence is another incentive. Though I should point out Almaty is set next to some spectacular mountains which have some skiing in them if you ever fancy a visit to somewhere unusual ! )

Later I looked up what you should do in a Earth quake and standing in door entrances and staircases seem to be recommended - as they are structurally stronger. Useful to know if you don't have time to hit google when the next big one strikes !

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