Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm not voting for the EPP

The usual deals, smokescreen and deceit is coming from Europe again as they try to keep the Conservative party in the EPP.

There is little party members can do about this. We elected a leader who promised to take us out of the EPP.

We are not allowed to deselect the Euro-Quisling MEP's who support the EU proto-super state against their own country and party.

All I can do is say I will not vote Conservative at the european elections if at the time of the election the Conservative party is a member of the EPP. ( Frankly I am no longer interested in promises - I want verifiable action ). It will be a shame not to vote for Daniel Hannan who is an excellent Euro MP - but the underlying issue must be addressed.

It is my strong recommendation that if you feel the same way you do likewise and state as much.

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Anonymous said...

I've never voted in the MEP elections because no-one has given me a reason to vote for them, even the Conservatives.