Monday, February 18, 2008

Darlings risks GBP 182 million (of your money) per job(aka vote) in Northern Rocks Labour heartlands.

The number of North East Northern Rock employees 5,500.

The amount of tax payers money risked by Labour for reasons of political expediency GBP 100 Billion.

The amount per vote job is therefore 100,000,000,000/5500 = GBP 182 million at risk per job.

It would have been cheaper to have given each employee GBP 1 million to go home.

Surely Darling and Brown must now resign ? They are starting to make Denis Healey look talented.


curly15 said...

It would have been cheaper to provide economic regeneration to the North East region after Northern Crock's death, rather than throwing it a £100bn tax payer's lifeline.

We would have got over it, just as we have rebuilt on old mines and shipyards!

Man in a Shed said...

Curly: Of course you couldn't rely on the government not to send the money to Newcastle-under-Lyme instead anyway !

It strikes me that the Labour government is using public money for party political purposes here.

Surely this move must be illegal !

lettersfromatory said...

Even if they had wrapped up Northern Rock, given out redundancy cheques and washed their hands of this nonsense, it still would be cheaper than what they are proposing.

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