Saturday, February 23, 2008

A blood sucking parasite called Gordon

This is not going to be quite what you expect....

About two days ago I found a somewhat alarmingly large nit in one of our child's hair.

The notes come home from school with the good news that some one else in the class has had them - but they never show you what to look for - so I'm including a video below. Before seeing this picture taken with the kids microscope my wife was all for the herbal / combing natural treatments. On sight of it she's decided they must all die and pesticides are a necessary evil. It was all I could do to stop her heading of to the chemist at 9pm at night. ( Yes I know some are resistant - but we can only try ).

Anyway I've decided to name this fellow Gordon, as he's a blood sucking parasite who you don't notice to start with but then really gets under your skin causing a rash and general loss of blood..(video is at X60 magnification - they come bigger than that fellow let me assure you ).

He has since been flushed down the toilet - which is what I'm hoping will be done with his namesake in No 10 (metaphorically of course) at the next election.

To carry on the public information side of all this I've attached a video below of treatment options (not by myself): ( also see NHS redirect here.

But what really annoying about all this is that I no longer have enough hair to be attractive to head lice - is it time for mid life crisis ?

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The Daily Pundit said...

Save the mid life crisis for when you've got no hair at all.