Friday, January 25, 2008

What is the high street for ?

Yesterday I had a bit of usual success and managed to solve a problem he would have expected to take the whole day - so of I went into town. A hair cut is desperately in order and I had two other things to look for.

The barbers was fine, but the rest of the trip was a waste of time. Into Curry's to look for a bluetooth mouse for my new laptop ( more on that some other time ) - lots a assistants hanging around ( they actually put me off - wait to long at any point and they'll swoop on you ), but no bluetooth mice.

Next to Water stones to pick up a book on sales. But the business section has completely gone, from both of their stores.

So its back to the shed and online to Amazon. The high street should be grateful that Amazon don't deliver haircuts.

1 comment:

Matt Jones said...

Everything has moved online, it's not even worth trying on the high street nowadays!