Friday, January 04, 2008

Over in the real world inflation is taking off....

The government spins and deceives to tell you its CPI measure of inflation is correct. But over in the private sector no one is fooled. Average wage increases are now at 4% and rising, as off course is inflation. (Police officers take note ... ) What's up ?

    1) Food prices.
    2) Fuel ( watch out for the price increase in your mail box in the next few weeks ).
    3) Oil - ie petrol and diesel.
    4) Anything imported as the pound dives against the Euro and falls against the dollar.
    5) Your (if your English) council tax - by 100% over 10 years.
    6) Your mortgage.
    7) Taxes ( Income tax by Stealth of course and calling it NI, and council tax )

Source: Inflation as to Nov 07

The only thing not heading skyward are house prices which thanks to Gordon Brown's policy of trying to run the economy on private debt and pension destruction is looking worse all the time.

You should also remember that currency is only paper - if you value your house say in Gold equivalent then the price has been dropping for some time.

Its time to get the economy back on the agenda.

It worries me that England is over reliant on financial services, whilst its great manufacturing companies disappear and perish. ( Did you morn the passing of ICI - the remnants of which have been taken over by Dutch firm Akzo-Nobel ? The Chemical Industry was one of the countries great strengths 15 years ago. )

How do you plan to pay the hard working Chinese and Indian workers for all the goods and services they provide. Did anyone get a Christmas present made in England for example ? What do we do that they actually want any more ?

We are even losing the ability to feed ourselves as the population increases due to Labour failing in its duty and farming in the UK is killed of by Labour's class war on the country side.

Things aren't what they used to be - and that rate of change is at least 4%/year and accelerating.

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