Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now Brown is blowing your money with India - who can afford their own space prog !

India - whom we are told is soon to be a world super power - is getting a bung of GBP825 million from Gordon Brown ( ie from us the tax payers ).

Why ?

Since their future is so bright they can presumably borrow against it. After all the can afford:
1) Nuclear weapons.
2) There own space program.
3) A large military.
4) British Steel.
5) Jaguar & Land Rover (previous version had typo of Rover - of course the Chinese have that !).

Just what does Brown think he is playing at ?

PS Did he bring up the religious persecution of Christians in India ?

Picture of an Indian rocket being launched. I wonder if it cost GBP825 million to develop ?

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thud said...

Makes the 50 mil he is giving China seem quite miserly!