Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lib Dems must end pick and mix politics

Their opponents have accused them of being the Janus Party for years. Saying different things to different parts of the country, even different streets. They have the reputation of being the least moral and most opportunitstc of campaigners. [ Its why eveyone else in politcs really hates them].Now even their own former head of media is telling them that saying they "must end pick and mix politics" - BBC's Newsnight 18 Dec 07.

Will Nick Clegg be any better ?


Norfolk Blogger said...

Its not just the Lib Dems, In Noriwch the tories were campaigning agaist an incinerator plan that the County Councillor were proposing which essentialy meant that the County Tories were supporting it whilst The Tories in Norwich were using it in the City counil elecions to oppose it.

I could give you plenty of other examples if you want. Toriesi in North norfolk voting for wheelie bins but opposing them on leaflets, Tories in North norfolk supporting the COuncil on coastal erosion but on leaflets scaremongering about the council's policy, in South Norfolk they claimed things in the local elections that they now admit cannot be delivered, yes, indeed, the Tories are not whiter than white on this.

Man in a Shed said...

Your specific point on wheelie bins is fair. However the wheelie bin thing is a no win situation for any party - and is in effect forced on the UK by the EU anyway.

But in general the philosophy and aims of the Conservative party are consistent.

The same can't be said of the Lib Dems. In part its the division between the SDP and Liberals. In part its the opportunistic campaigning approach - act shamelessly - stir endlessly ( sound familiar ? ).

The key point is what will Clegg do? And what sort of party do the Lib Dems want to be. Around here the Lib Dems are described as a franchise party - each local group gets its signs and Winning here boards, and then makes the rest up.

Wouldn't you actually like to stand for something ?

Nick Clegg's a plague on both your houses - dying politics jibe isn't encouraging. Its suggests sticking to the party of not being the other party (winning here) / party of protest (but no responsibility ).

He should be able to do better.

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg sits to the right of the Lib Dems so it will be interesting to see if he 'does a Cameron' and tries to completely reinvent the party, or whether he chickens out and releases a few feel-good policies.