Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If Huhne wins, England could be his trumpt card

Don't get me wrong - Huhne is generally far further from Man in a Shed's political view points than Nick Clegg, or perhaps even Gordon Brown, however ...

now that David Cameron has given up on the English as a necessary sacrifice in the cause of trying to revive the flat lining Scottish Conservative party ( odd that the word Scottish is Ok - but not English ) there is a gap for someone to speak for England. [ The English Democrats you could argue already do ].

This could be Huhne. Campaigning for an English parliament could go down very well in Labour marginals where the transfer of cash to Scotland and Wales hurts most.

It could help a lot in the west and even the south.

This is the ground David Cameron is giving up to revive a party north of the boarder whose strategy has seen it shrink from the largest to the smallest of the main parties in Scotland.

Who will speak for England ? ( OK the Lib Dems are architects of the current devolution disaster just as much as Labour is, but they don't normally let such things stop them. )


Quiet_Man said...

Whilst I have never voted Lib Dem and consider them at best a bunch of political chancers who use local issues to win national seats, "Call me Dave" just blew any hope of me voting for them in the next election.
If Huhne campaigns on an English parliament ticket I'll swallow my pride and vote for them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong (since 1969) Liberal who lives in Huhne's constituency.

I will vote Tory for the first time in my life rather than vote for him again after what I have learned about him since the election



Letters From A Tory said...

The Scottish Conservatives are getting cosy with the SNP, which should help a campaign for Scottish independence should it materialise.

I sincerely hope that Cameron's decision doesn't come back to haunt him - at best, it will have cost him quite a few votes on both sides of the border.

Ellee Seymour said...

Neither candidate distinguished themselves in their leadership campaign. It's not been a good year for them.