Saturday, December 29, 2007

8 for 2008 meme

Blame Dale - he knows we all complain about these meme things, but then do them anyway.

I've been tagged by UK Daily Pundit with a sufficient dose of flattery to over come my inertia here - after all what blogger can resist giving their opinion ?

The question was originally 5 8 (just reread the original post) wishes for 2008, so here goes:

  1. For the formation of an English Conservative party, just as there is a Scottish and Welsh party, that will fight for justice and respect for England and all the people who live here as a means to secure the Union.
  2. Some of the right of centre think tanks to produce works reviewing globalisation from a viewpoint of global mercantalism and the risks and potential consequences of the current system of moving food production overseas and industrial production to the far east whilst loading up the West with debt from those same countries.
  3. The Liberal Democrats to honestly make up their minds what they stand for - and to have the courage to disband if they don't have a good answer.
  4. A large scale building of nuclear power stations as a top priority for the UK government and electricity industry.
  5. For Tony Blair and the Labour government to be taken to trial, in the UK, over leading the country into war on a false prospectus.
  6. A binding referendum of Scottish independence with the result binding for 50 years ( no Quebec style keep trying your luck ).
  7. A referendum on continued EU membership.
  8. To review our strategy in Afghanistan - if we're there for 10 years then the strategy is clearly crap and needs rethinking.
There you go a bit serious perhaps - but then 2008 is looking like a serious year.

I'll tag the following bloggers - sorry gents:


Grendel said...

No apology necessary Sir.

Steve Green had already decided to brighten my Christmas holidays with a tag on this.

I don't think that I could come with a further 8 though. That would be greedy.

Thanks for the thought though.


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