Monday, November 12, 2007

The iQueue

Taken in Woking Friday, just before 6pm on a £30 Sony Ericsson K300i (OK it was £60 - but you got £30 of calls ). You can get about 60 of them for the same that an i-Phone will cost you over its contract life.

The girl in the shop opposite tells me some of these guys appeared 5 hours before to queue up ( so must have taken the afternoon off - I assume the unemployed can't afford an i-Phone).

Still - its cool and if it was only a more open platform I'd be tempted.

I hope its works out for them.


Vindico said...

I played with an iPhone yesterday. Very cool device indeed and the virtual keyboard actually works very well (to my surprise). I want one, but Apple over cooked it with the price. They didn't understand the UK market, the personal debt problem, and our exorbitant taxation. Only die-hard apple fans or rich bastards are going to get an iPhone. I am going to wait for a few months until my current contract runs out and hopefully they will have dropped the price by then!!!

Man in a Shed said...

Yes - the price will have to come down, a lot. But it does seem like a compelling device.

If it has 3G, decent battery life and an open platform I'd be in the queue also.

It will be interesting to see how the competition responds. Just at the time that keyboards looked like winning through - touch is back with that wonderful large screen,

old and angry said...

I asked my youngest grandaughter what she would like Santa to bring her for Christmas.
Without hesitation she replied,
An iPhone,
A wii
a Yamaha Clavolina,
and some sweeties.

She is 5 years old!


Sepoy Agent said...

I watched the queues outside an Apple store and an O2 store. They were there several hours early, but they were not very big queues, despite the valiant efforts of the 02 staff to encourage them.
On that first evening the 02 store sold nine iPhones, which I suppose is not bad, but.....
The store seemed to have about six or seven staff normally, (itself seemingly overstaffed), but for that evening it increased to about 20. Some of the time more staff than punters.
I know they sold nine because the staff all cheered each sale, and one of them confirmed the number to me.
I'm afraid I'm old enough to think the whole thing pathetic. Just so they can be the first to have a new toy.
I, too, bought a new mobile a month ago - £60 and a great little phone - quite adequate for what I want.
But, each to his own!