Monday, October 01, 2007

The Winslow exit

I've avoided commenting much of the disappearance of Madeline McCann and the torture her parents are being made to suffer. After all what do I know about it.

However I'm starting to get the impression that the Portuguese police would like the McCanns to confess to clear up their embarrassment. the latest ploy is to suggest something not too serrious - to provide an exit for the McCanns. ( Much the same as the suggestion made by the barrister to the Winslow boy, to determine the truth of the theft of a postal order.)

Its grubby. Perhaps if the McCanns hadn't been so well connected their campaign would never had gone on fire and embarrassed the police so much, but that's not their fault. Who wouldn't have done the same - if they'd thought as quickly as the McCanns did - if it was one of their children.

It really is time to stop this police harassment of the McCanns. If they have evidence - then charges should follow, not leaks and smear - if not then they should shut up and deal with the shame of their performance in another way.

Most importantly Madeline McCann needs to be found.

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