Friday, October 05, 2007

The madness of little Wales

The Welsh assembly executive needs to grow up. If you can't afford two brain surgery centres and one is in Cardiff and the other Swansea ( virtually next door to each other ) the solution is - how can I put this - a no brainer.

But instead they plan to make the people of North Wales travel 5 hrs ( each way) to Cardiff or Swansea to get enough patients to keep the unit open.

That is just plain nationalistic, short sighted nonsense.

Its 90 mins to Liverpool where the good people of North Wales get referred right now, which till a few decades ago still had Welsh speaking churches - not that it should matter at all.

Why not offer services to the English NHS in Bristol - if you can get the price right ?

This just shows that the Welsh executive couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Perhaps devolution should be revoked. It would certainly save a lot of English money wasted on Celtic fooling about.


Anonymous said...

I alwasy tought there was something weird about the Welsh.

William Gruff said...

It is disgraceful that the heavily over-subsidised people of Wales, with their entitlement to free prescriptions and drugs and treatments that are not available in England, are treated in English hospitals, and at no cost to Wales.

The peoples of the little nations of what is now a very far from 'united' kingdom seem to think that inconvenience and disadvantage should be suffered by the people of England only.

If one of the consequences of devolution, in which the people of England had no say, is that patients in Wales must make a five hour journey for treatment, so be it. That is a devolved matter and nothing to do with us.

Man in a Shed said...

My point is a free market one. If a Welsh hospital needs more patients then it can bid to process English people - if it makes a good bid.

Why shouldn't the health authorities of North Wales buy their health care where they want, with due consideration for their patients ?

Its the narrow application of nationalism in this case that is unpleasant. Just because it only damages welsh people doesn't make it any the less objectionable.